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Our newest IntelliSwitch Bathroom Controller is now available. These fully automate the lights, fans and towel rail in your bathroom whilst still giving you full manual control.

Twenty million ($24m) dollars. That’s a lot of money, and that’s how much we have calculated New Zealanders have saved by fitting an IntelliSwitch timer to their towel rail since we released them in 2007. This year marks 13 years since we introduced this product and every month we collectively save our customers another $360,000. So come on join the IntelliSwitch movement and take the money from your power retailer and put it back in your pocket.

To order our latest Heated Towel Rail timer click here. The IntelliSwitch (ST-EC) model saves you big money by running your towel rail in one of 3 cycles daily and switching it off for the other hours of the day. You can even boost the towel rail for an extra 4 hours at any time by pressing the button and then it returns to your selected cycle.


IntelliSwitch® is designed and made in New Zealand for New Zealand homes.

The IntelliSwitch® looks great on your wall and can function just like a normal on-off switch if you wish, (simply push the button), but most people choose an IntelliSwitch® because they want the extra intelligence it offers.
The IntelliSwitch® is ideal for those who want to put a stop to lights and heaters being forgotten about, or want to support 'green technology' in their homes or workplaces. Time settings are set by the user, and range from 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes, counting down after you turn them on. There is also a continuous 4 hrs on, 8 hrs off cycle, for those who want warm towels, but not the 24 hr power bill, or for controlling a hall light if you are away.

Here's how they are being used

  • Bedroom light switch for kids who forget to turn lights off and/or timed reading at night .e.g. 15 min setting -glow in dark LEDs also help kids see switch
  • Heater socket so the heater is never on for more than 3 hours at a time
  • Use the double switch to have a bathroom fan stay on 15 mins longer than the light to clear moisture, odours sufficiently without being there yourself
  • For electric blanket sockets so don't fall asleep with them on e.g. 1 hr setting
  • Hall light switch so it's never on for more that 15 minutes
  • Heated towel rail cycle, on for 4 hours and off for 8 hours
  • Outdoor light switch for visitors that doesn't stay on all night
  • Conrolling time spent on computer - Connect an IntelliSwitch® to the router to control how long kids are on internet
  • One hour battery charger power socket so your drill batteries never over charge, also good for mobile phones
  • Controlled TV or video game play time for children/fathers!
  • Hang your wet towel on the heated towel rail and press the button to run it for 3 hours and it then turn off. Press is again before your next shower and your towel is warmed by the time you get out
  • For safety reasons, where people may forget to turn appliances off e.g. Ironing power socket - set to 30 mins
  • and many many more..................